Would you be surprised if I told you I made a commercial for Facebook, loosely speaking. Perhaps a stretch of the truth, but fundamentally I am the director of video snippets, among other snippets, chosen for in a Facebook product launch commercial. The reality is the ad was compiled exclusively from home movies it seems, only to be used as a sales pitch. The splattering of faces, and actions, shared experiences, milestones, and scrapbook moments accompanied by a Sigur Ros riff lead the viewer to the conclusion that all this life event stuff is better quantified with a search bar.

This story begins in 2010, not long after selling off my T2i and purchasing my second DSLR [Canon 7D]. Up until now I’ve simply been borrowing a Canon Rebel from work but now I needed something more versatile, with video capture ability. At this era there were only a small handful DSLR bodies that accomplished this, once, unimaginable feat. The 5D Mark II was a wee bit outside my price range, and having already owned the miniscule T2i, I thought that the 7D was a good middle of the road camera for performance and cost. Throughout this year I took the camera out whenever I could and shot plenty of documentary style video. Most of it was garbage, but the shots I did fancy were eventually stitched together into a very personal video scrapbook Montage throughout [mostly the summer of] 2010. 2009 can be found here, while 2008 is here.

Fast forward three years I receive an email from a representative of Facebook requesting my permission to use sequences from my video, in a marketing video of their own, promoting a new product. Unfortunately they were bound to secrecy until officially revealing the product to the press, so I could only guess as to what they were coming out with. I finally got to lay my eyes on the video the same day they announced Facebook Graph Search to the world.

How they found it from among the millions of videos on Vimeo I don’t have a clue. Pretty cool nonetheless. I can tell you I created work for facebook, in 2010.