A few months ago I was contacted by the guys at the Gelato Fiasco asking me if I wanted to collaborate with them on another video. We already have a long relationship forged by the bonds of frozen Italian ice cream. It all started with wanting an ad which would represent their presence in the Old Port, moving further south from their flagship store in Brunswick. This project, creatively, seemed the most ambitious to date.

The pitch was telling the world that besides having a brick and mortar store front, they also are in the catering business for corporate events, and weddings. So they brought together a world class team of hair & makeup, photography, video, and of course, fans, to make some delicious promotional material.

On a Sunday we gathered at the Portland store, and headed to the Portland Co. Complex. A group of warehouse buildings which are rented by various enterprises to host gatherings, parties, and weddings. It has some decent views of the water, and just the right amount of shabbiness to it that people gravitate towards.

All it takes is a little bit of dressing up.

We spent several hours having the actors pose, smile, laugh, and treat themselves to endless supplies of gelato. It was an interesting gig. It was mostly crowd-sourced and hustled together and in the end paid off with a really great look I feel.

Lit almost entirely by natural light.