This summer I was approached at my day job by a co-worker who had her own self-invented product/app and needed to spread the word in video form. That is the extreme shortened version. We busted out that shoot on a hot-ass June day. I got to work with the brilliant four person team, who have already broke through many small business barriers in the state of Maine. Fast Forward to autumn when they are set to roll out a Kickstarter campaign, and wish to repurpose the original video, AND shoot an expanded Kickstarter only version.

Original video:

The first video just had to get investors hooked based on the emotional chops of their own stories. Kickstarter has more informal standards. Most successfully backed projects include videos under 3:30 minutes, and stuff all the nuts and bolts right up front: where the money goes, what you get for investing, etc. Our initial video ran close to 6 minutes. It turned into a very difficult job to judiciously chop, and condense the content down to suitable length, yet still preserve the message and tone. The CEO was very passionate about this journey she wanted to take people on, because it comes from personal loss. A long road, and one complete reshoot later, we were all on the right track. I am incredibly proud of this video, and as I’m writing this blog post, the kickstarter goal has yet to be reached, so here’s my push for you to go visit the page and discover it for yourself.

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