April 2015 I traveled to Sweden, Austria, and Slovakia. Wanted to see some parts of Europe not often mentioned in the most popular travel guides, and I was very glad this rather last minute trip happened. While over there I took my Sony A7s with one lens, Tokina 17mm super wide angle. I planned on shooting both video and stills with this simple setup. I used the video footage I shot in a short edit of a make believe television show opening title. Making a fake TV show (or movie) opening credits title was something I had been thinking about since mid winter when I was driving home from one afternoon cross country skiing and a song was playing on the iPod which I thought to myself, if a an opening title doesn’t already exist to go along with this song, then it should.

Was thinking a modern stock footage driven ‘tough guy’ movie/series featuring an ensemble cast, and some gritty credit sequence to set the overall mood, and give you a taste right from the start. You would know what this show is going to be about directly from the get-go. That was the thought. I even storyboarded rough shots I had in my head. Fly-overs of a dark nightly, albeit alive, cityscape. Occasional speed ramps. Grungy bold credit names on the screen, punctuated by solid color texture overlays. Having no way to pull this off in any believable way this idea gradually deteriorated.

Until it came time to pack for this trip. By then the idea percolated itself back to my head. Going to a new city might offer opportunities to capture some remarkable images. I planned on taking camera anyway. Shot a lot of photos, not so much video. Towards the end of the trip I actually was so exhausted from carrying this camera I hardly took it out of my bag unless I really, really felt like I saw something that justified capturing a nicer photo than what my phone was capable of.

I recommend going to each one of these countries by the way. Stockholm has some ornate and gorgeous architecture. Vienna has so much history embedded in its many jaw-dropping parks, and buildings. Bratislava old town is something out of a charming Old European postcard mixed with just enough contemporary refinements and none of the annoying masses of tourists.

Fast-forward back home. I had some footage. A fraction of it good. Most of it bad. I cobbled a rough edit and then graded in Resolve. Found a song from a commercial license site that sort of fit the style, but of course it is far from the idea in my head. At least though I completed it. Even snuck in some pick-up shots of my hometown for good measure. Cropped for anamorphic for more cinematic aesthetic, and for the fact that one shot was done with an anamorphic adapter.