In 2013 I was asked to lend a hand and help a non-profit educational scholarship institute (of which I am an alumni of) to shoot an interview promo video for a fall fundraising gala they host every year. I kindly obliged and the next year we created another video, using a different approach. This past year I was asked to shoot something similar, but this time highlight the names of the award recipients and their respective scholarship categories.

My pitch was simple. Shoot nature footage glorifying the great outdoors of Maine. Absent of humans, technology, civilization, etc. Similar to those outtro shots of nature in CBS Sunday Morning. I made the choice to lock down the camera in all locations for simplicity and consistency. I had wished to capture from more than just the south of the state, but funds didn’t allow much travel outside of my home base. Shot on a variety of vintage manual lenses, adapted to my Sony A7s, all shot in SLog2. SLog2 is tricky to color grade, and you might say frustrating. It takes a lot of time, and really depends on nailing the white balance first. I’m still learning a lot, but the quality of the XAVC-S codec holds up very high compared to H.264 out of Canon. I used a combination of LUTs from VisionColor in Premiere Pro CC.